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Recipe | Leftovers? Quick & Easy Fritatta Lunch for One 🍳

These days, we are all trying to avoid unnecessary trips to the supermarket and keep costs down. So what can we do with all the little bits of ingredients we have left in the fridge? I've been watching so many chefs live on instagram this week and it has been amazing to see the professionals using up scraps. Rick Stein used a leftover pizza slice in an Asian rice fry up. David Chang is using ingredients sparingly and re-growing spring onions from their bulbs in glasses of water. And of course, Jamie Oliver is coming to the end of his self-filmed covid-cooking series featuring several different family recipes where current hard-to-find ingredients can be swapped out for whatever you may have on hand.

I'm counting my blessings that I live in the countryside and that I have not seen any shortage of eggs, as so many of my friends in London are experiencing. Whether it's a fritatta, a strata or an omlette, egg dishes are the perfect way to make use of leftovers. So, here's what I rustled up for lunch using what I had lingering in my fridge.



2 eggs

Small ripe tomato

Handful of feta (which I had stuck in the freezer)

Large slice of red onion

Half a bird's eye chili

Some basil leaves (from a plant that's doing nicely on my window sill)

Olive oil

Glug of milk

Salt and pepper



Pre-heat the oven grill to high, grab a small, oven-safe pan and pre-heat it on the stove top to medium.

Crack the eggs into a bowl with the milk and some seasoning. Whisk together until slightly frothy and set aside. Roughly chop the tomatoes, onion, chili and crumble the feta. When the pan is ready, coat with low-fat cooking spray or cooking oil of your choice. Give the egg mixture a quick refresher whisk up and pour into the pan. Then, add the tomato, onion and chili. Let the mixure cook in the pan until firm about 3/4 through (4-5 minutes).

Then transfer the pan to the oven and let the grill finish cooking the rest (2-3 minutes). Keep an eye on it and when it is slight golden and brown on the top, remove it from the oven and using a spatula, carefully transfer it to a plate. Top with the crumbled feta, basil leaves, a little sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil.

Lunch is served.

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